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Dear Competitors, Teachers and Parents!


We are happy to announce that the VI.WWWSTAR music competition had lot of talented participants.We would like to thank you to our competitors the excellent performance, furthermore we would like to thank you for the contribution to the teachers and the parents for the helpful assistance.


The high quality of our competition was supported with Mrs Hornyánszkyné Becht Erika, Ms. Horgas Eszter and Dr. Choi Insu teachers, Máté Hámori artists with their contribution in the jury. We would like to thank you for the conscientious, helpful contribution in the valuation of the children.






Age category: Mini





Balogh Tamara, Jakab-Zalánffy Ábel I. place



Borszéki Zsombor Honorable mention



Fekete András II. place



Jakab-Zalánffy Ábel II. place



Jakab- Zalánffy Ábel, Jakab Lászlóné I. place



Marázi-Vuity Adél III. place



Olga Tanska I. place



Partos Margaréta I. place



Siklós Ádám III. place



Szeredi Blanka II. place






Age category: Children



Balaskó Panna I. place



Bencses-Kiss Leonardó III. place



Budai Levente I. place



Budai Zsófia I. place



Cseppentő Lili II. place



Demeter Dóra I. place (Special Award)



Estovk István Honorable mention



Fogas Domonkos III. place



Horhály Ivett II. place



Kántor Kata III. place



Komjáthy Sára I. place



Laár Janka II. place



Matáncsi Flóra II. place



Mester Léna I. place



Molnár Hanna Szofi III. place



Nagy zsófia II. place



Osvay-Szabó Blanka és Osvay-Szabó Bernadett II. place



Szabó István Nándor III. place



Szőke Botond II. place



Tóth Levente II. place



Vasut Vojtech III. place



Wodala Júlia Magdolna III. place


Wunderlich Moira Fedóra III. place






Age category: Junior




Lombos Angelika II. place



Lombos Angelika-Szichné Csorba Zsófia I. place



Horváth Elizabet I. place (Special Award)



Molnár Lilla III. place



Szabó Virág I. place



Viktor Emma I. place



Vörös Gréta Renáta II. place





Teacher's special price:

Jakab Lászlóné

Tölgyesi Rita


Hope of the competition:

Demeter Dóra

Horváth Elizabet




We will send the Diplomas and awards after 2018.11.26.

Aim of the competition

Supporting talented children, talent research, publisihing the values of the classical music for children, challanging talented children, introducing, measuring the skills and talents, supporting children with handicap, rewarding talented and smart children for their performance based on the decision of a jury, including welll known specialists.


Pianists in begonner and intermediate categories can also apply for the competition!


Teachers, parents can nominate the children at home in comfortable conditions to the competition.


Event organiser

Vi-Va Music and Dance of Art Foundation

Tel.: +36 30 255 1401

E-mail: info@vi-va.hu

Additional information

Webpage: vi-va.hu